Culatello results

Just a short 7 and a half months after I put it in to cure, it’s ready. Typically, culatelli cure for a longer period of time. However, this felt pretty firm after the aforementioned time. Prompted by Jason to cut it open, I went for it. I was more than a little surprised, a bit dismayed, even. It was really firm, too firm. It was so lean, it overdried. Shame on me for not weighing it and tracking it’s weight loss. I assumed that I would just remove it at it’s 10 month birthday. I guess I won’t be making that mistake again. It tastes just fine, quite mild and salty. It’s just so excrutiatingly lean and very dry. Nowhere near the texture of culatelli I’ve tried int the past. So, somewhat disappointed by my ineptitude, I just left it in the chamber, slicing a bunch off to eat from time to time. Fast forward a month, and about midway through the culatello, it transformed. It became something better and exciting. It softened greatly and intensified in color and took on the appearance of a real culatello. I’m not going to sit here and tell you I had something to do with it, the middle just has a larger circumference. It is a completely different animal from the culatello into which I cut initially. While still a lean piece of meat, it does appear to have a bit more fat in the section pictured. So, it would seem a successful project. Definitely worthy of another go, no more commercial practice meat. I’ll see if I can get my hands on a Mangalitsa leg.

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  1. very cool!
    I'm in the process of finishing a rootceller/curingchamber room in my basement right now… i can't wait to try dry curing peperone and fiocco!
    Your culatello looks amazing, I'm glad it turned out better than you first thought :)


    looks amazing! i just cured and hung my first bresaola a couple days ago. love your blog!
    cheers, meagan at

  3. Debra: sounds great, I'll check your blog for progress. Enjoy! Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

    Megan: bresaole are tasty. When you get the hang of it, try cold smoking one or making them with game. I have elk and venison bresaole in the cold smoker today!

  4. Scott, it really looks marvelous! Glad for your sake it was better in the middle but still tasty around the edges.

    I may try one someday when my charcuterie skills (and equipment) improve. :)

  5. looks good to me! I would eat it!!

  6. Always glad to hear it's not just me that mishandles the odd piece. ;)

  7. Thanks, Matt and Darius.

    Kevin: I'll take the blame, however, there's no way for me to know just how lean it WAS. ;)

  8. Looks great! Hey, if you think its too dry you can always use it to cook in place of pancetta and peas with pasta dish!

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